Learn a little about Paragliding  

If you are new to paragliding, it is sensible to spend a little time learning about the sport, so that when flying you can make the most of your experience and enjoy it to its fullest. 

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Things To Think About 


 Health   Before booking your paragliding flight, you should consider that you need to be healthy and to be capable of moving a few steps, downwards for the take-off, when instructed by the pilot.  After that you will be completely in the hands of your pilot. 

Weight   If your body weight is over 100 kg you may not be allowed to fly, so please keep this in mind when placing a booking. Those who are heavier than this, or who would feel more comfortable flying in an enclosed space, could take an Ultralite or Microlite flight. This we can also arrange, so please ask for details on our 'Contact Us' page.

Clothing   Always wear sensible shoes and, in the winter season, a wind jacket.. You may like to wear sunglasses as the light can be very bright.

Security   Please do not arrive for your flight under the influence of alchohol or drugs.     When fitting on your helmet and equipment, the pilot will check that you are not carrying anything dangerous.

Photos   You may carry with you a camera for your personal use, but you can also have video/photos taken on special camera equipment by the pilot. This is available on a CD for 1,700 Nepali rupees, payable to the pilot upon landing. Before flying the pilot will have asked you if you would like to take advantage of this service.

 Above: Checking the gear

 Below: Taking off

 Above: Awaiting take off

Below: Then you will join other paragliders in the skies above


 View from behind

You will sit comfortably in front, as if sitting in a chair.

The pilot will be behind you, doing all the work, controlling the paraglider with his hands and arms.

 Children Can Fly Too   Even children as young as five can take tandem flights with experienced pilots. The little girl you see in these photos flew at the same time as her mother one morning and loved it so much that she asked to go again in the afternoon, so she did, while her mother waited at the landing point to welcome her on her return. She is only five! 



  A happy reunion between mother and daughter after landing.


Your paragliding flight will bring you down for landing close to Phewa Lake at a designated landing spot. You should easily land on your feet, under the control of the pilot. 


 Homeward bound

...after a spectacular flight in good company!

Safe landings by the lake  

Sky Dragon Paragliding Video - June 2013