Where You Fly From

All flights take off from Sarangkot, a high spot overlooking Phewa Lake at 1,592 metres.

But you don't even have to make your own way there. You will be taken up by jeep or micro bus from a pre-arranged meeting point in Lakeside, the tourist area of Pokhara.

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Sky Dragon Paragliding

At Sky Dragon, we team you up with the most experienced international pilots who fly the skies of Pokhara. 

There are many paragliding companies in Pokhara, new ones seemingly having sprouted up from nowhere; some are better than others.

So if you are new to the area, or new to paragliding, don't leave the selection of this important part of your stay to chance.

We know your safety is paramount, and your enjoyment too. Our pilots will simply not take off if the weather is not favourable, so nothing is left to chance.

Our banner photo, above, was taken from Peace Dragon Lodge.

See our Two Night Package 

Tandem Flights

Unless you are an experienced paraglider, you will definitely need to book a tandem flight with a well-trained pilot. You will sit comfortably in front of the pilot, who will do all the work, allowing you to ride on the thermals before bringing you down to land alongside Phewa Lake. You will  feel as if you are flying as freely as a bird, especially when you get that 'bird's eye view' of the mountain range alongside you, and the terraces, valleys and lake below. Paragliding is truly a breathtaking experience and from the air you will have a magnificent view of the whole Pokhara Valley.

The mountains your will see on your flight will be the Annapurna Range, Machhapuchre ('Fishtail'), Lamjung and Manaslu with others, including Daulaghiri, on the longer flights.

Acrobatic Tandem

Thrill seekers and adrenalin junkies can book an acrobatic tandem flight. This will find you looping loops and spiraling down towards the lake; for safety's sake, acrobatics are only carried out over water.

Make sure you don't do this on a full stomach, though it is sensible to have a light breakfast or lunch, not to fly on a completely empty stomach.

Two options for flight duration

The weather and thermals will play a part in the precise timing of your flight. Typically our guests book a Standard 25-30 minute flight, taking off from Sarangkot and landing near Phewa Lake. Acrobatic flights are a little shorter due to a faster descent. When the weather allows, a Cross Country Flight takes 50-60 minutes.

It is usually expected that you meet in Lakeside for the ride up to the take-off point, about one hour before you are due to fly.